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MAKE Literary Productions promotes contemporary literary writing, translation, and visual art through the annual print publication—MAKE: A Literary Magazine (MAKE); staged readings and integrative arts events; and educational public forums on literature and writing, including the annual Lit & Luz Festival of Language, Literature, and Art in Chicago and Mexico City.

Chicago is a storyteller’s city, and MAKE is the story’s magazine. Chock full of fiction, poetry, essays, art, and reviews MAKE is substantial in both feel and scope. MAKE expands on the Chicago tradition to entertain and to inform. An annual publication, MAKE circulates 1,000 copies throughout the United States and Mexico. Find MAKE in bookstores and making the rounds at special events, such as readings and festivals.

MAKE Literary Productions, NFP, is a 501c3 nonprofit partially supported by National Endowment for the Arts, The MacArthur Funds for Arts & Culture at the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, The Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation, DCASE, the Illinois Arts Council Agency, the Chicago Community Trust, as well as the generous support of individual donors.

Founded in 2004 by Ramsin Canon, Sarah Dodson, and Mike Zapata, these people currently make MAKE:

Webmaster, Johnathan Crawford

Creative Director, Joshua Hauth

MLP Executive Director, Sarah Dodson (sarah@makemag.org) Associate Director, Joel Craig

Managing Editor, Chamandeep Bains (bainsc@makemag.org)

Assistant Managing Editor and Web Editor, Kenneth Guay (kennethguay@makemag.org)

Fiction Editor, Kamilah Foreman

Associate Fiction Editors, LC Fiore, Jim Kourlas, Kerstin Schaars

Nonfiction Editor, Jessica Anne

Poetry Editor, Joel Craig

Portfolio Art Editor, Sarah Kramer

Reviews Editor, Mark Molloy (reviews@makemag.com)

Intercambio Prose Editor, Brenda Lozano

Intercambio Poetry Editor, Daniel Borzutzky

Translations Editor, Kolin Jordan

Latin American Art Portfolio Editor, Alejandro Almanza Pereda

Contributing Editors, Kyle Beachy, Steffi Drewes, Katie Geha, Kathleen Rooney

Proofreader/Copy Editor, Sarah Kramer

Social Media Coordinator: Jennifer De Poorter

Past mastheads

Lit & Luz Festival


Lit & Luz is produced by MAKE Literary Productions, NFP

Co-directors: Sarah Dodson and Brenda Lozano

Creative Director and Website Design: MAKE & Co.

Assistant Managing Director: Kenneth Guay

Managing Artistic Director: Jessica Anne

Co-Artistic Directors: Daniel Borzutzky, Joel Craig, and Kathleen Rooney

Audio/Visual Production: Charly Garcia

Advisory Council: Gerardo Cárdenas, Lead Advisor

Susy Bielak, Jaime Garza, Adolfo Hernandez, Sarah Kramer, Kirsten Leenaars, Jennifer Patiño Cervantes, Fabiola Ramirez, M. Ireri Rivas, Nuria Sheehan

Logistics: Kamilah Foreman, Miguel Jimenez, Jose-Luis Moctezuma

Videography: Justin Haranchar


Media/Promotion: Llüisa Matarrodona

Photography/Videography: Harrison Martin

Logistics: Kit Schluter, Francesca Coppola, Esteban King

Social Media Coordinators: Jennifer De Poorter, Yadi Arias

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Where to find/support/subscribe to MAKE:

MAKE is available at numerous bookstores throughout Chicago, as well as the US and Mexico. MAKE is available anywhere, anytime, online. Your membership and tax-deductible financial support are immensely appreciated and keep us in action.

MAKE Literary Productions, NFP 2822 W. Dickens #3 Chicago, IL 60647

For info and the rest, email us here. Interested in writing reviews? Submit your contact information and samples of your previous work to the Reviews Editor.


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Radio interview: March, 2013, by Cheryl Fusco Johnson on KRUU, The Voice of Fairfield, IA: “Sarah Dodson, Executive Director of MAKE Literary Productions, reveals the backstory behind the 2004 founding of MAKE: A Literary Magazine. She also discusses how Make, which she cofounded with writing friends, forges connections among writers and artists spread across the globe. Containing work from writers in the U.S., Mexico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic, the latest issue, Exchange/Intercambio, features work translated from Spanish to English and others translated from English to Spanish.”

Radio interview: March, 2010, MAKE co-founder, and 848 contributor Ramsin Canon stopped by the WBEZ studios to talk MAKE with Allison Cuddy. Canon is a political columnist at gapersblock.com.

Radio interview: A while back, we were on The Lit Show. Listen up.

I submit that literature is made upon any occasion that a challenge is put to the legal apparatus by conscience in touch with humanity. Now we all know. Nelson Algren Chicago: City on the Make

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MAKE Literary Productions, NFP Co-directors, Sarah Dodson and Joel Craig