Issue # 11 Neither/Nor

Oct 28, 2011

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Growing up in the Midwest, one quickly learns about the culture of the middle. Often, we are told that we live not in one place or another, but somewhere between them. Instead of resigning ourselves to this idea of placeless, of mediocrity, we’ve come to the understand the middle for what it actual is: a kind of no man’s land where anything is possible; a passageway not for destinations, but for the journey itself.

Issue #11’s theme, “Neither/Nor,” called for work that is nether here nor there. By this, we mean work that does not easily fit into a particular category, or that locates itself somewhere in the middlethat liminal area between two points, where definitions are less sharp, where wandering is permitted and encouraged. A refuge not for hiding, but for considering polarities and polemics, and for empowerment through imagination.

In this issue, you will find work that stakes its own ground, work that struggles against tradition. Work that refuses easy categorization and simple interpretation. Work that is neither this nor that, but something else entirely.



  • Here Everthing’s Better
    Elizabeth Crane
  • Dearest from God, Bananas, Fish, Bed
    Megan Martin
  • Mollermann Swims
    Curtis VanDonkelaar
  • From In My Eyes You Are Beautiful
    David Unger
  • The Boy and the Girl in the Honeymoon Suite
    Timothy Schaffert
  • Roeland Park
    Benjamin David van Loon
  • Somebody Else’s
    Jac Jemc


  • Bookmarks
    Spencer Hendrixson
  • Black Ice
    Kara J. Searcy
  • The In-between Time
    Ira Sukrungruang
  • Eyes I Remember
    Zeena Barazanji
  • From MW
    Dot Devota
  • The Big Water
    Dylan Nice
  • Three Days Straight
    Beth Peters
  • Mapping The Uncanny Valley: Excerpts from the Field Notes of Freya S. Gibbon
    Freya Gibbon
  • Mourante
    Louisa Wolf
  • Speech Acts 11-13: I am a conjunction
    Janet Desaulniers


  • Frost at Midmorning
    Nate Pritts
  • The Selected, Bank Holiday, Footscrape, Zone
    Anthony McCann
  • Where the Hero Has No Desire to Return, Where the Hero Speaks to Others
    Wendy Xu
  • Folk
    Karina Borowicz
  • procedure, reversed
    Laura Goldstein
  • Baptism, First Words, Puberty, The Mirror, First Kiss
    Mathias Svalina
  • Good Climbing Trees Grow Us
    Patricia Lockwood


  • Margot Bergman
  • R. E. H. Gordon
  • Borden Capalino

    On the Make

  • The Silver-Colored Yesterday: The Streets Stretch Out Forever
    Joseph Drogos

    Art and illustration

  • Aya Yamasaki, Geoffrey Hamerlinck, Johnathan Crawford, Peter Hoffman, Jarrett Mitchell, Rusty Shackleford, and J. C. Grandview

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